1 - Start sweeping slowly
2 - practice
3 - ?????
4 - Profit.

Exercises and songs for technique in the sticky labelled as such, go nuts.
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First thing you wanna focus on is your right hand, left hand is usually easy to coordinate after. You wanna make sure to pick everything in a fluid downward/upwards motion. Start with the basic major chord shapes..before moving on the evil chords..or DT stuff lawl And use a metronome, so much easier after.
if you are looking for a song that has a slower sweep to it, check out Indonesia by August Burns Red. Its a very common 5 string. but it might be better to start on 3 string sweeps

i covered the song a few days ago if you want to check it
Start out slow, practice to a metronome, work your way up, and learn basic shapes.
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I'm not gonna post a huge thread about this like i have done previously, but i'll just summarise..

Don't expect to be sweeping like a pro within months. Don't expect it in years. It will take many many many years.
I realise you're probably astonished by how cool super fast sweeps may sound, but to work your way to that speed is not possible without many many years of practise.
Sweeping is after all an advanced technique and something that pretty much everyone (especially beginners) will take a long time to grasp.
1. Take any song you like, doesn't have to be easy. I started practicing sweeping with that lick in 'No Boundaries' (Michael Angelo Batio)

2. Practice it REALLY slow. And I do mean REALLY slow.

3. As you keep getting better, slightly increase the tempo.

4. Make sure you sweep as clean as possible, Don't sacrifice accuracy for speed.

Do this, and you'll hopefully do great in a few months time.

Hope This Helped,
X2 for indonesia, real good song!

Also, for 4 strings, try A7X Beast and the Harlot, nice and easy sweep there!
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