Hi guys am new on this forum!!! so this is a big hi to you all!! my name is leonardo guzman and i am from colombia, south america!!! this is my first lesson, but you can find more of my videos on youtube...

hi guys!! am starting on making lessons!! so this is my first try!! hope you like it!

I really hope this lesson help you in your onw playing, am trying to not make a boring lesson, what am trying to do is to give you tools for you to create licks to certain technique.

My humble advices: make sure your fingers learn well the figering of the shape, that will make easy transporting it to another fret, try playing this examples on any key, since the pentatonic scale is so easy to learn you can apply this concept on the notes within that scale.

Files: http://www.mediafire.com/?zu5nztmfrx78mnn

Please let me know if you find this helpfull, any question or comments you can send me a mail: leguzman86@gmail.com i will answer right away!!

best of luck and
...be creative!!!!

leonardo guzman
That is brilliant! You've earned yourself a new subscriber, and hopefully many more to come!
I'm looking forward to seeing more.
How often are you planning on adding new ones?
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If you have a lesson to contribute then please submit it as such, this isn't the place to promote your video channel.
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