Im thinking of buying some sort of usb 2 instrument cable/interface thing. this one in particular: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/guitar-to-usb-interface-link-cable-for-pc-mac-recording-white-115cm-56011

and running amp simulators and all that jazz to get my guitar tone.
recently i have just been plugging in my guitar straight in to my mic input on my pc through an adapter. and while this works, there is a TON of extra noise and hiss that occurs when i start boosting things and turning up the gain and all.

i was wondering that if by using the products i linked would the hissing go away and all that extra noise? and what would the quality be like? would it sound better than my mic in method?

and I also came across this: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/external-5-1-channel-usb-2-0-optical-fiber-sound-card-audio-adapter-48213 and was wondering if i could basically use it as an interface as it has a mic in input that is instrument cable sized(quarter inch)? or would it be just like my mic in set up i have now but just with a bigger jack?

Im just on a really tight budget right now since i don't have a job as of right now and
was just trying to find ways to get a decent sounding recording is all.

please feel free to recommend things around that price range or share your knowledge and experience with such product or your recommendations on what i should do.
thanks in advanced.

EDIT: if any additional info is needed from me that i might of forgot to mention just ask.
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One of those interfaces should improve the quality of sound you're getting, but it depends on what you mean by 'decent' sounding recordings.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for - if you're doing something on the cheap, it isn't going to be as good as if you spend the money & do it properly.

My preference is to use a dedicated multitracker, but with such a tight budget that's not going to be an option for you, so what software are you using? That will make a difference to the quality of recording you get as well, so it could be worth requesting suggestions for the best free software available to help improve your recording quality.
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im using reaper as my DAW and am learning a thing or two about mixing im just wondering if either on of those will give me a nice, clean enough signal that i can later on add FX to and all that good stuff.
Cheap Cables normally mean cheap or no screening. Meaning signal interference.

There'd also probably be horrible signal latency.

In the end you'd be better off waiting till you got a job and buying a toneport or something.
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