Ok so there is a boat load of riffs in this song. The playing is a rough draft and there is only one guitar track. I intend to add more guitar tracks and my intent is to eventually find or hire a drummer and vocalist and professionally record some music. I didn't attempt to add drums electronically because the attempt would cause the song to fall short due to my lack of skill in the beat writing department.

The song is in my profile and is called song 3
If you wrote other instruments in it would be really good, metallica-ish.

We kinda have a similar style of playing, gallopping everywhere
My intent is to get someone to do vocals and drums. I would then add extra guitar tracks and bass
Pretty good riffs, will definately sound good with drums, vocals etc. If it's gonna be a while before you manage to do this, in the meantime you could always learn how to program drums and add them, just so you have a fuller sounding demo, closer to what you eventually want it to be like. Playing skills are solid. I like the last minute the best.
For some reason once I upload the track to UG it gets trebley. I agree it does sound harsh this way and more tracks will definitely help.
Yeah it sounds a bit harsh, but the overall tone is pretty good, what did you use for it ?
It definitely would be awesome when quad tracked probably. And some low pass filter would definitely smoothen the harshness of the track I guess.

Loved the riff that starts at 2:35 btw.
*chugga chugga chuggity chug chug chug*
Song 3: I think there are too many riffs for one song! It's difficult because the riffs are changing all the time. I like the riff at 1:35, for example, and particuarly the one at 5:40 or so.

I think you need to progress the stage of writing before you'll get much constructive criticism. This is really just a 'riff tape'.

Go through it and give each riff a mark out of 10, with 10 given to what you consider the best riff. Then choose only the riffs above 7/10. Then decide on a function for each riff, structurally: intro, verse, backing for solo etc.
Thanks for the crit. I will consider some of the options you provided. I could probably remove one riff to then make it a verse/pre chorus/ chorus theme. The last 3 or so minutes of the song I look at kinda like the end of the song "one" from metallica. Lots of riffs that just go together and don't need a lot of vocals over it