Hello fellow UG'ers.

I recently acquired a set of Lace Sensor red, silver and blue pickups. After they arrived in the mail I decided that I would attempt to install them myself. I have no previous experience with solder and soldering irons but do have a basic knowledge of circuits and circuitry.
After removing my old pickups on my Hagstrom F300, I attempted to install the pickups but, unfortunately, to no success. As far as I could tell I had done it properly but after stringing the guitar up and plugging it in, there was no signal at all. I have a feeling it may have something to do with the earth wire as I wasn't getting any buzz when I plugged the lead in, but I really don't know.
It has an Atlas branded 5-way switch and two 250k pots, if that makes any difference. Maybe putting in higher output pickups would mean I should get 500k pots?
Anyway, here are some low resolution pictures for your viewing pleasure.

As you can see, the green and white wires have been soldered to the volume pot and the orange wires have been soldered to their respective terminals on the switch. The red earth wire is currently soldered to what I think is the earth terminal on the volume pot. I also tried soldering it straight to the volume pot with the rest of the earth wires from the pickups to no prevail.

This is a fuzz-alicious close up of the volume and tone pots.

Here is a link to the schematics off of the Lace Sensor website

It's a stormy day here in little ol' Adelaide

Anyway, summing up, could someone please tell me where I've gone wrong? Thanks