I'm buying a USA Deluxe Tele because of it's feel (typical Fender neck, compound radius and no volume control in the way), not it's sound!

SO, I need a humbucker in the neck! Now the neck pickup on these buggers is smaller than you average single coil I'm guessing? Typical tele neck pickup. Can I get a different pick guard and chuck a humbucking single coil size pickup in there???????????????

Feel free to tell me that I should consider a different guitar. You're probably right!
nah, look into dimazrio and SD stacked humbuckers
They have a good range of tele neck and bridge hum cancelling replacements
If it feels right get the Tele.
I'm out looking for my second tele to use for alternate tunings best guitars.

as gman said look into single coil sized humbuckers as they certainly do exist.
but yes you are right you could probably get a pickguard to suit a Humbucker in the neck, just make sure you get an actual fender one so the screw holes match up correctly
you want a set of joe bardens.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
if you're looking into getting a new pickguard anyway, why not get a full sized humbucker in there instead? IMHO They sound better than the rail/stacked humbuckers anyway!
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