hey guys, just trying to clarify something with these 2 pieces of gear

EMG - AB: Does the EMG - AB effect your tone in the sense that It boots gain? Im looking for something similiar to boost my volume when I come into a solo would one of these be a good choice or something like a Mxr MC 401 Boost/linedriver pedal be a better choice??

Rocktron Patchmate loop 8 (rack): Would I be able to run 1, 2 or more effect pedals or rack gear through 1 loop or do I have to stick to 1 effect/ proccesor to each 1 loop??

if anyone has any information on these 2 products it would be much appreciated!!


Get a clean boost. Then you won't have to retrofit the Afterburner into your guitar, and it'll still perform the same function.
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