So I used to post a lot on lyrics bored's like this one but not really since I joined some bands and less so in my current band in which I was doing a lot of the writing, odd that really.

But anyway we change styles and our singer has come on leaps and bounds so I've been backing off writing things to let her work and grow but I've got one song that we currently play that is my lyrics and I wondered what some other people might make of them

Rock and roll in a vintage dress,
Tattoos cut across her chest that say,
You've got to place your bets,
When loss does not mean regret,
On the outside you're looking in,
On the outside where hell beings,
And you wonder how she can be so happy,

Ya, hey, hey,
She sings her sins,
Ya, oh,
She's not the one,
You needed saving from,

A smoking gun smoking cigarettes,
Sweet words from rum laced breath,
What you did was for the best,
A broken heart broke the last bond left,
Now she's the patron saint,
Of the ones blinded by faith,
Tell me can the martyrs we make help save us?

Ya, hey, hey,
She sings her sins,
Ya, oh,
She's not the one,
You needed saving from,

No bridge due it being a instrumental, I'd like feed back just on the lyrics but if you actually want to hear the song you can do so at www.facebook.com/alloutofluck

There is a rather complex underlying story based in part of real life here and I was just wondering if any of that actually comes across.
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I love this, I find lyrics are generally good when I read them, and instantly form a picture of the scene it is talking about That happens perfectly with these lyrics. Also in my mind i can hear the song perfectly (maybe not like you would have it sung but... ) Then I listened to the song and it really fitted your style especially with the female singer. Great job.

Also, it is lush to come across a good english based punk band

Josh, Cripples and Angels