I live in a flat so I can't play too loud.
My budget is preferably 400 bucks tops.

I want to be able to dial in my own tone using pedals. I like broken fuzz and crunchy tones. No saturated treble tones interest me. I play stoner-, alternative and 'classic' rock.

Is this even possible to find me an amp that isn't very expensive and can produce me with the sound I'm looking for at moderate volumes? I'm willing to break my budget if really necessary.

I see quite a lot of affordable Blackheart and Blackstar amps around 10 watts where I am. Heading the right way?
I feel I just keep looking and looking but never get any wiser.

This would be my first tube amp. Thank you for all the help!
Oi! Me dog Sally needs to drop:

marshall class 5

fender pro jr

it just depends on which type of voicing you want, british or american.

if you can buy used, there are more options like a vintage champ, silverface or blackface.
Yes used is definitely an option, I'd prefer that for the prices.

I think I'm more into the british voicings.
I've heard distortion boxes into brit amps and those sound really tight.
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Do Check out the Blackheart little giant, or the Handsome devil , I have both! They are budget friendly and pedal friendly also!! A buddy of mine has the VHT special 6 It is quite nice as well!

I use my Little giant every day, and I gigged with the Devil for 2 years till i got my Carvin V3m! I use 5-8 pedals through them both regularly no problems!

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they sound glorious through old champs too.

so used and british sounding is what you prefer or just what you've "heard"?

the marshall class 5, black hearts, even a valve jr would be decent british voiced amps that take pedals well.

i'd recommend that you avoid the lower wattage blackstar amps, the HT20 would be the lowest model i'd consider in your situation.

i'm not sure what other options exist in Finland, so i will let others on your side of the pond make other recommendations.

personally, i'd grab a class 5 and call it a day if i wanted budget british voicing in the lower watt category. blackhearts would be a close second.

a vht classic 18 or special 6 combo would probably work well, though i have not tried those amps.
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Thanks guys! [ ^I go by what I've heard, haven't gotten a chance to try that many amps. :/ ]

Some interesting choices now here seem to be a classic 5 for 280€ or a BlackHeart 15-112 for 250€.
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valve junior takes pedals really, really well. like... better than anything i've ever tried. that ridiculously dark stock tone sorta rounds off all the harsh edges that a lot of dirt pedals have.

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