Well, i did this song about 10 mins ago, part put it up here, went for a shower and someone had closed it. Anyway, in the shower I thought of the chorus.
P.S this is for my band Cripples and Angels if you could crit it that would be awesome Its a rock song, with an acoustic intro bit.

Verse one: (what i can remeber of it anyway )

We can shoot bullet holes in the snow, just like we used to,
And act like no-one cares, even though we do,
It can never be the same,
But we can try, to make it alright again
Just like it was,


There you go, walking through the snow,
walking through the snow,
away from everybody,
everybody, everyone and me.
I like this, the chorus especially. It seems like a good foundation to an acoustic song and the line "There you go, walking through the snow" gives a peaceful mental image so I think it goes well with an acoustic song. Keep working on it and try and get some more lyrics
Thanks a lot. I have got a lot of songs stored up in my "book" I will be posting and writing new lyrics all the time but at the moment I've got lots of school work to do