Getting an Ibanez Prestige RG1451 this month and I want to replace the pickups when I get it but I'm not exactly sure which ones I want. I play rock and metal with some shred as I get better. I play in standard or dropped d, never any lower. I want a bridge pickup that has a really good crunch sound when I'm playing power chords but I want it to have clarity. Also I want it to have a lot of pick articulation as I do a lot of alternate picking. For the neck pickup I want something that's going to get me a nice clean sound for bar chords and blues. Also I want it to get me a very smooth distorted sound for string skipping/sweeping and alternate picking during soloing. Looking at (in the bridge and neck position respectively) the Dimarzio Crunch Lab and Dimarzio Liquifire in the but I haven't been able to try them out. Also looking at the Dimarzio Tone Zone and the Dimarzio Air Norton or maybe a Dimarzio PAF Pro.

Any comments or suggestions on this?


Also some musicians I look up to/try to play like are Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci and Adam Jones of Tool.
tz might be a little dark

paf pro in the bridge would do what you want, but it's not all that hot

though the main advice i would give is not to really think too much about pickups until you get the guitar. once you have the guitar and know how it sounds, you can better decide what you want your new pickups to do.
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Crunch Lab & Liquifire. What you described in your details sounded very Petrucci-like, considering he has a lot of noticeable picking articulation and nice cleans (without the Piezo pickup). Though a PAF Pro as menitoned above would also be good, but not as hot as a CL.
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