so i want a bass guitar but im quite impatient so i would like it soon. my only problem is i cant afford to get a really decent one yet, and as im a student i won't be able to for quite along time. so i was thinking of buying a standard fairly cheap bass such as westfield B1000, squier P-bass or some unamed/not worth mentioning thing and then whenever i get a bit of free cash, buy second hand fender parts from ebay and eventually swap it all out(or most of it)
but yea this is just an idea i just had, want to know if anyone has any thoughts on whether this is a good plan, or a complete waste of money and time? and if anyone on here has donr this before?
A lot of people on this site will tell you it's only worth buying expensive kit, so save up until you can afford it. They are wrong, there's a lot of good, cheap kit out there.

Squire are made by Fender, so they are obviously a good cheap buy. If that's the limit of your budget, I'd recommend going for it. Westfield are also OK, I've never played their basses but their 6 strings seem pretty good for a budget guitar.

As you're on a budget, checking sites like eBay for second hand models is always the best idea, you'll save even more money.
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Squier has really been an underrated bass they are sooooo much better than what they are brought up to be.
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Quote by Kilty Boxers
Squier has really been an underrated bass they are sooooo much better than what they are brought up to be.

This. I have played Squier basses that beat out Fender basses 3 times the price. They should never be overlooked as a first bass consideration.
I think they're being built up so much lately that they're beginning to become overrated. That's not to say they're not great basses for the money. They're arguably the best in their price range. Quality wise it's a close call between my Squier VM Jazz and my MIM Fretless, but they don't touch my MIJ JB-75. That thing is flawless is just about every aspect, but however, a lot more expensive. The Squiers are great for what you get, and for a first bass, recording bass or a backup gigging bass they're brilliant. The VM and CV series of course, and maybe a couple of the artist signatures.
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thanks for the advise, yea i am leaning more towards getting a squier at the moment. in fact i just went into cash converters and saw one hanging up for £45, it was like fate until i found out it had just been sold! i think i'm going to look around ebay a bit.

also i saw a rockburn p bass in there, anyone know anything about them?
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