I am usually running my 16ohm mono cab to my 6505 head running 16 ohm. Now, on tour my band mates want to run full stacks. I want to make sure this is correct:

1) I know that if you run 8ohm stereo cab to 8 ohm stereo cab, then to head, that is in series correct? aka.. 8ohm + 8ohm = 16ohm load, run head at 8ohm.

2) If I run 8ohm stereo to head / 8ohm stereo to head, then that would be parallel and I run my head a 4 ohms correct? Or run 16 ohm mon to head, 16 ohm mono to head, run 8 ohm head correct?

Heres the back of my head:

Does each speak output jack push out whatever ohms are selected? aka if its on 8 ohms, each speaker output there puts out 8 ohms? or is it split aka 8 ohm selected, 4 out of each?
maybe its a safe bet to run everything at 16ohms, daisy chained together in series.. then thatd be 16+16 = 32 load with a 16 head.. right?