im looking for a new amp because the line 6 spider 4 died out on me. i was thinking about getting a tube amp. I was thinking about getting the bugera 333xl 212 combo. i need something with a bit of power that i could play at small venues if i need to. i like to play a lot of rock and metal: avenged sevenfold, all that remains, bullet for my valentine, killswitch engage, however, i need a versatile amp in case i need to play other genres. i dont want to drop too much on the amp, maybe a max of $1000.

thanks for the help
A fairly cheap and reliable option could be a JCM 800/900 (with Marshall 4x12 cab). They're not necessarily the heaviest amps out there but they're versatile and cost effective.
ok ill have to check it out. the only problem with that is that i dont think i really need a half stack. i mean i would love to have one in case i need to play a larger venue. as of right now a half stack would just be use to bug my parents plus i need to transport the amp around to friends houses and i plan to take my guitars to college and i dont think the others in the dorm would like me having a half stack
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Ah I see. Well you could get a JCM 800 combo amp. Nice and compact. Might be a bit too heavy to carry around though haha you'll still need a lift or a trolley of some kind :p
oh yeah i just saw they have a combo version of it. ill have to go somewhere to try it out. it seems like it would be a good amp.
Bugera all the way

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$1000 bucks look into mesa mark ivs used or even a dual rec or single rec.
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ok well i talked to some people and they said the bugera had some wiring problems and that they tend to get returned quite a bit. now i've been looking at the peavey jsx 212 combo. any thoughts about that amp?