Tomorrow I'll be traveling to a large musicstore, since I live in a city where no musical equipment can be found for miles. I plan on upgrading my amp, as well on buying various little things.

Some questions, though :

- Which amp would be best for me? I'd like to be able to play everything from Robert Smith to Jack White, so dreamy newwave to gritty bluesrock, as far as genre is concerned. Currently I was looking at the Blackheart Little Giant halfstack, would you recon this is a good pick, or is there anything in it's priceclass which would suit me better?

- I'd like to learn how to plat slide guitar (once again, as Jack White does), but since I've never used one before, I don't know which to pick. The store I'm going to sells ceramic, copper and glass ones, if I remember correctly. How is the difference?

- I'm planning on trying out a bunch of guitars, in order to replace the very old strat-lookalike I've been using for years. Any advice for the genres I've listed? I'm willing to spend up to 900 euros.


- Blackheart Little Giant for newwave - bluesrock?
- What is the differences in copper / ceramic / glass slides?
- Which guitar for listed genres, under $1000

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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1. Try the classics - some fender deluxe or marshal plexis. Krank Chadwick is also good.
2. Pick the heviest one. I was choosing between glass and crome plated steel, never tried ceramics though.
3. I'd definately look for an LP Junior.
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Is Amsterdam a city where no musical equipment can be found for miles?

I only study there, live in the south of the Netherlands, where German superstores are the closest thing ..
Please let me keep this memory, just this one ..
-i'd try everything i can get my hands on. the little giant isn't bad at all.

-glass and ceramic is a bit mellow. you can use stuff around your house to hear how it sounds (beer bottle, coffee cup) metal sounds the sharpest and has some sting... never tried copper, i have some kinda stainless steel ones

-dunno, i don't really buy new guitars. jack white plays quite a few beat-up oldies (like harmonies). that'd be a great addition for learning slide, just jack up the action a bit a voila. but for serious guitars, i'd just pick what you like at the store.
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