Thinking of trying some new tubes, the ones i have now are sovtek 5881, they are a bit harsh in the high end imo

So you got any recomendations for new ones? Looking for something with smoother highs and punchy mids and full of harmonics

Would JJs be the best bet or should i try =C= tubes? or something else?
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I would say you are pretty safe with JJs. I'm running =C= now and they are similar but more expensive. I liked my Mullards too.

I don't have much experience with the 6L6s but I've heard really good things about the Ruby STRs

Give Doug at www.dougstubes.com or Laura at www.valvequeen.com a call/email.
Well, I use British Brimars myself but for modern valves the best are SED =C= followed closely by JJ.
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