I noticed I don't strictly stick to alternating my two fingers (I guess you could kind of call it economy plucking?). I show a simple example in the tabs below (M is middle finger, I is index). Since I pluck "through" the string to the lower string for muting purposes, I tend to just use the finger I just used if I'm playing a lower string. Is this a good idea or should I work on strictly alternating fingers?


What I do:
---M I I M I M I M M I M I

Strictly alternating fingers:
---M I M I M I M I M I M I
I tend to hit however I have to. Nothing wrong with what you're doing. Just stick to whatever's more comfortable.
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I'd go with the non-alternating pattern. Makes more sense playing things that way. Of course some songs exist where alternate plucking is necessary to play the song, but not everything is black and white this or that one or the other kind of stuff.
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either sounds good, the first is easier. unless you have something you're trying to achieve with subtle finger differences, go with the first.
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Nothing wrong with raking.

exactly, i can alternate easily, but i have troubles raking.
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Yeah, I use 3 fingers for just about everything. Since it's an odd amount of fingers, I almost never keep the ring, middle, index pattern going. As long as it sounds good and feels comfortable, it'll be fine.