Hello UG! This is one of my first songs that i have ever written, so some parts may sound weird. AND this song is not ready yet, so the ending is a little bit stupid. But... listen and post your opinion! I will do C4C if asked.

EDIT: made some improvements and additions! Now waiting for money so i can finally record this. Also made lyrics and named this song
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I thought this would be a real track, not some guitar pro project.
Record this with a full band please.
I'm really liking this mate! It flows very well and the tremolo piucking is used with much taste. Personaly love the relevance you give to that bass line.
At bar 47. It felt like it was going in a thrashy way, and you could actually try that (drums only), just not sure if it would flow that well into the next part.

Also, at bar 89 you bring up a very atmospheric section. It could work better with some keys behind, nothing too cheesy ofcourse. Actually, most of the riffs would profit from having some keys adding more atmosphere, but thats up to personal preference as it is very good as it is now.

Really good job

If you can, please crit mine when you got the time:
Hey Im Looking For Some Tech Death Metal In D

try anything form avenged sevenfold

I lol'ed.

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inb4 everyone else, well played
Ty for crits!

Ive tried to add some keys in couple sections, but im not very good at it. I can try to make some ideas and then send em here
Metal is like a apple, no-one likes the core.
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This is pretty freaking awesome, definitely at some point, you should record it.
It reminds of something that wouldn't go amiss on Trivium's album Shogun (if it were a bit more progressive)

I'm gonna keep my eye on this one
I'm not going to crit it now, but I just want to say something: your sig is complete win
Might review this later tho.
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I thought this would be a real track, not some guitar pro project.
Record this with a full band please.

I hope you're trolling. You do realize this sub forum is for tabs. Recordings go in recordings.

I will leave a crit up tomorrow, it's late now.
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I'm really enjoying this, actually. I'm not as big on the death metal and middle-eastern sounding material as I used to be, but the bass on this is, while not astounding, definitely interesting enough to keep my attention.

And mid-tempo extreme metal is pretty different, I've gotta say. It doesn't break too much new ground, but for what it is, it's nice. I'll reiterate, I really like the bass.

The clean break after the first solo didn't really do much for me, but it's alright. Ooh, ouch. Fix bar 100. That actually did cause me pain. Which is kinda metal, I guess, but at the same time... no. XD

The second movement, '123' is pretty cool. I'm digging this riff. The chugging was nice, too, really fit in without being boring, which is what a lot of chug sections do wrong in extreme metal.

The harmonies at 'acousdick' (great pun by the way) are thoroughly enjoyable. I liked this bit a lot. Although when the distortion kicks in, that riff is kinda lame. Has a ****-rock feel that I don't enjoy in much of any context. I'd take this and the acoustic repeat and just segue into the next bit.

To be honest, the riff at 223 is good and all, but my ear was anticipating something really thrashy and aggressive, and instead it got doominess. Maybe do a blast-beat/trem-pick section before transitioning into this and finish it like that? That's what I'd do, personally.

All in all, it was fun to listen to.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1468576

It might not be your thing, but who knows? Maybe it will be. All opinions are welcome, regardless.
Thanks for comments! Gonna try those things suggested in the post above and also gonna c4c tomorrow
Metal is like a apple, no-one likes the core.
On mahtava! (I think that's the way you Finnish guys would put it)

I really liked it for being not too linear and predictable, yet somewhat catchy. That "weird guitar" part in the middle is a little to long for my taste, but the other parts were just great. I really loved some of the riffs and the progressive structure. I'd love to hear more!
I honestly don't have really much of anything negative to say on this one. The only stuff I didn't like was the tremolo picking, and that's just because I'm not at all a fan of tremolo picking ever, haha.

The riffs at 31 and 47 are really awesome. The interlude was great as well.

The acousdick part actually gave me chills for whatever reason, so kudos to you for that!
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