Do you do it?
I'm Old Spice Guy fit so no shame for me.
How about you pit? You fit enough to lose the shirt and get to work!?
inb4: Imagirl, ifwominzdoettIwill, yugai?!, etc.
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Gauges or Diamond studs? I am getting one, which one?

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Get a dildo. Says the same thing.
I don't have a lawn
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ooh look at me i'm ERIKLENSHERR and i work at fancy pants desk jobs and wear ties and ply barely legal girls with weed and booze i'm such a classy motherfucker.
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I don't have a lawn

plus, even if he did, he would just have his son Due mow it.

On topic,

No, I don't. If I get hot, I just jump in my in-ground pool.

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she was saying things like... do you want to netflix and chill but just the chill part...too bad she'll never know that I only like the Netflix part...
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i just wear an undershirt and shorts when i do it. I'm self conscious even though I'm a twig.
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Gauges or Diamond studs? I am getting one, which one?

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Get a dildo. Says the same thing.
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I don't have a lawn

I wish I didn't have a lawn

OT: Fuck no, I sunburn like no other.
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Pretty sure Jesus was decaffeinated.

I'm just a hedonist without happiness
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I mow naked.

That can be taken in many of ways.
You belong in a museum.

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This is Ireland, taking my shirt off would result in my freezing to death.
"Why should we subsidise intellectual curiosity?"
-Ronald Reagan

"Knowledge is in every country the surest basis of public happiness."
-George Washington
Dear god, no.

My body is nothing I'm wanting to flaunt everywhere I go, and there's no one in my neighborhood I need to show off to, anyway.
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I do yard work dressed in a hazmat suit.

Wouldn't the suit restrict access?
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My ex did the same. Cheated on me and then acted like I'd given her sister a facial. Women are retarded.
Yeah all the time. I live in the country so no one has to see my lanky body anyway.
Id just feel like a dirt bag doing that. No ill do teh decent thing and keep mah shirt on.
do you keep a mirror at the end of each row too?

i've got a beer gut and no sculpted muscles at all, but i do outdoor labor shirtless because it's fucking hot. not because i'm trying to show off my goods.
Anything worth doing is worth doing without a shirt.
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what's the point in being "philiosophical"?

Interesting question...
Depends on what I'm mowing.
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Headbang until your head becomes detached from the rest of your body, then throw it into the crowd while you play a killer guitar solo. Trust me, it would be totally br00tal.

Are You a PROG-HEAD? I am.
Yes I am. I do this all the time. During the summer, specifically this summer, I just havent really worn shirts. Not because I think I'm ripped or have a stupid ego, because i dont and am not. But because I want to get really tan. But I am fit enough to walk around with it off and not feel ashamed.
No one in my neighbourhood deserves to be subjected to that sort of atrocity, so no.
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I furiously masturbate on public transportation.
If I dont have to wear a shirt, its coming off... and im not even ripped or anything (yet) Plus tan lines are not sexy.