hi guys, ive had this project going on for a while and im in the final stages but i just need to know what kind of pickups will give me that white stripes sound? any info will help. thanks in advance
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depends which guitar you are on about but on all his more recent gretsch/gretsch inspired guitars he has TV jones classics, although there isnt a massive difference between them and standard filtetrons
Eastwood vintage voiced humbuckers are copies of the ones he used
Epiphone Sheraton 2
Takamine Jasmine J33?
60's J bass copy (trying to sell or trade)
fender mustang 1
Victoria Regal II
big muff
seed of life overdrive

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They're single coil pickups built into humbucker size cases. You can find copies of them on ebay searching for "airline pickups". As I understand, the Eastwood reissues are humbuckers, so they wont really sound the same.
Stripes era Jack White used guitars made of fiber glass, which really defined the tone more than its pickups. But his Gretsch guitars would be somewhat easier to build a copy of.