Hey, this is my Groove/Death metal band Demon F*cker. We take writing the music seriously, but the lyrics are a complete joke. Anyway yeah check it out


Trees are green like copper,
Copper is a metal,
Metal's good, I play it,
So I like the jungle.

Sodomize your demons,
Seek revenge for mother,
Make them scream for mercy,
Mercy is compromise.
No compromise!

Jungle Beatdown (x4)

Also, if you actually do enjoy it, like us on Facebook. Facebook.com/demonfcker

You can find our other songs on their; Kill Your Dad, Horny For Death, and Dissection of The First Born.
Not really actually. I mean afterwords we did realize that our whole idea as a band is very simlar to Dethklok's but we weren't really influenced by them. Our main goal was to make fun of all these Hardcore bands that think they're all tough
Woah, GREAT riffs and excelent transitions.
Loved the drums.
I didn't like the lyrics/vocals, but if it's your style, I get it.
I think tough, that some Pantera-esque vocals would fit that song so perfectly...

Please, have a look on my video, and if you will, leave a comment at it?
Thanks man!
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Totally understandable that you don't like the vocals, like I said, it's more of a joke than anything so it's whatever. Thanks for the feedback man.

And I listened to your jam, it's really cool. Sounds like the intro to an Ayreon song