Hey everyone, I am looking for a new guitar, right now all of the electrics I have (6) are black, and mostly 'metal' looking. I want a different coloured guitar, I have been looking at PRS and Ibanez (but I'm open to anything). I would it to suit a lot of genres in both looks and sound (but more looks), it doesn't need to look metal, I play a lot of other genres as well (like Blues, Jazz, Punk, Classical, Rock, Funk, Muzak). I might also be interested in some weird looking guitars too (not Danelectro's though). Any ideas?

Thanks, Adam
Hey Adam, another Adam here! (stupid joke I know )
I'd say look into Strats, Teles, Les Pauls and SGs.

How about telling us how much you want to spend and what kind of amp you are playing through?
Haha, I am looking to spend around $1000 or a bit more, I will be playing through a Peavy Vypyr 75 or a Peavy Vypyr Tube 120H with the Vypyr 112 cab. Thanks
One I'm done with my basic tuning setup I'll probably go for a LesPaul (or copy) just because the neck should feel different, 24-1/4 scale, rounder and beefier and the overall looks is realy not the same. and I'd always dream of playing some good ol' Guns'n ROses on a LesPaul! :P