I have an impulse response file in the form of a .wav, can this be used with garage band? If so, how would I use it? (Sorry, new to using IR's in any way).
First things first, I am impressed you called it an impulse response. Most people just call it an impulse (I'm guilty of it too), so kudos for that

Second, and to answer the question, you need something to load the IR file. There are a few vsts that do it. keFIR and Voxengo Boogex are a couple that are free and well liked around here. Check out this thread for a bit more information on using them. Near the top of post two, and the end of post three are the sections of the tutorial on using keFIR and Voxengo Boogex respectively.
Thanks for the advice! I tried using keFIR, and Voxengo Boogex, and I can't find a mac download for either of them. Is it possible to use them with Garage Band on a Mac, or do I need a different vst?
I personally find LeCab2 the easiest and most accesible IR loader, especially when compared to keFIR and Boogex. I believe there's an AU version for it as well.
Your problem lies in the fact that, like many, you seem to believe that vst= plug-in. Wrong. The plug-in format you require is AU (Audio Unit) and I'm afraid it isn't too popular with most freeware/smaller companies. Kefir and LeCab don't have AU formats (though I believe LePou are soon to release one) so your best bet is to look through the Garageband help guide (search impulse response).

In Logic Pro (also AU) I use the IR loader in Space Designer (a convolution reverb plug-in). But, well done for understanding the term Impulse Response, as I now respect you more than probably 85% of the forum Get the hang of what vst means, and we can be friends

Edit: If guy above is correct, looks like LeCab 2 was released as AU too.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
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