Possibly the sexiest guitar I've seen. He plays it in his Stellar Crash video that can be found on youtube. While he's not my favorite guitarist, his guitar is pretty darn cool.

Specs seem pretty good, and I love having something different from everyone. I've played tons of guitars.

I'm in the mood to buy another guitar in the 1000-1500 dollar range and I'm mainly looking at ibanez rg and s and sv prestige and jackson soloists. If the blue rg prestige 10th edition had a trem, I would have bought it.

It needs a blue flame top, and a great trem and passive pups. I've played the ibanez and jackson models that I'm interested in. However, because I don't know any shops that carry halo guitars, I won't be able to play it before buying it. I can also get an additional 10 percent off.

My only complaint now is the sound from hedras ramos' video. Not my favorite tone, but I'm inclined to believe that is more related to his amp and effects.
I've played one of their pointy guitars. It was nice. Reminded me a lot of a mid range BC Rich (which is a good thing for me.) Neck was pretty chunky, a little more than I like. Pickups were a bit bleh, but thats fixable.
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