Okay so, I like playing whenever I feel like it, but I really can't play my Peavey Valveking at 12 AM... and I'm really sick of the tone of my Line 6 Spider 3, so are there any other small amps besides the Line 6 that I can get a decent non-digital sounding tone out of that I can plug headphones AND a backing track into with an auxilliary cable?

The bold is mainly what I'm looking for, plus better tone than the Line 6. My budget for something this small would probably be around $150.

My reason is so I can play at night, and the backing track is so I can run it through the amp without wearing two seperate headphones (ear buds for the tracks and amp headphones for the guitar)

EDIT: I play stuff anywhere along the lines of: Classic Metal, Fusion Rock, Metalcore, Death metal.
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Its a bit more than $150 but i'd have a look at the Blackstar HT1 it's a great little one watt tube amp that has an auxiliary input and headphone input.
Line 6 Podxt/Podx3/PodHD/ anything beanshaped? The pods sound good for what they are, much better than the spiders. They certainly arent professional sounding on their own, however, for practicing or even in a mix they sound really really good (I heard that Devil Wears Prada tracked Roots with pods. I'm not sure, but they sure sound alright).
I know it is a line 6 product but is has nothing to do with the spider's tone..get a pod studio it becomes your pc's sound card and you plug your guitar into it and you can configure any tone you like
You could get an interface and play through your computer. $150 will get you a line6 UX1 or GX, maybe a Focusrite saffire 6.
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not sure to fully understand the whole thing .. but im 99 % of the time playing through headphone

every cheap modelers Line 6 spider II, roland cube 30 , peavey vypyr 30 , tonelab st etc.. heapdhones output sound horrible IMO . i also have the small amplug metal , lead etc..

I tried almost everything . and the best way i found yet was to go back to the 90s and buy preamps and play them directly through headphone OR you could use a small mixer like a behringer xenyx 502 ( around 40 $ ) to play via direct out xlr and plug headphone in the mixer . but many great preamps ,from past decade had speaker simulation and headphone output .

some preamps can be score in the 200ish and sound 10 x more realistic than the cheap modelers .

if only i would have try this before .. i would have save a lot of money buying every cheap modeler . ive had them all , vypyr , tonelab , cube etc.. and nothign come close to the real sound i have with these preamps . another benefit is that these preamps can be use later in your career as they are "pro level " gear .. they are not just "practice " gear you'll get rid later .

- rocktron voodu valve online ( can be bought for around 300 $ ) ( it has great speaker simulation and headphone output )

- ada mp1 ( has headphone output ) they cost 200/225 $ in average on ebay

- rocktron piranha ( for around 300 $/350 $ but they are rare ) .

marshall jmp-1 ( in the 400 $ ish .. their expensive ) .

but a rocktron voodu valve would be a great improvement .if you could score one . since i bought mine for 220 $ .. everything else is for sell ( vypyr , cube , tonelab ) .. the sound you get from the voodu valve online with headphone is so much more realistic than the modeler ive tried .

if you budget is really only 150 and cannot stretch at all .. then stick with your spider .. or get a small POD ( their better than the spider ) you wont find really better at this price . youll still in the "practice" range of price and youll get what you pay for .

stretch a bit .. and buy something thats worth .

*** i have tons of stuff for sell including Vox tonelab st , behringer v-amp2 ( could sell you for around 40 $ if you want ) .. and i also have an interface IK MEDIA STEALPLUG to connect your guitar to the computer and play with revalver , amplitube , guitar rig etc.. . if you wanna go that way the IK stealthplug has a headphone jack to plug headphone and play ( if you dont have good computer speaker or studio monitors ) .
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+1 to the POD, or just buy an interface and play through your computer. Then you'll be able to record too
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Thanks for the suggestions! I don't really have a problem with Line 6, but the spiders by themselves. I mean they're good for starter amps, but the tone is really digital sounding, and after playing on my VK I just can't stand using my Spider anymore.