I need to get a new case for my Cadillac Eldorado, it's an acoustic/electric. Soft or hard case, I would prefer hard case but I know those can be a little pricey so...yeah.

(price range: max.$175)
A hard case would be hard to find without going into a shop to try it & make sure it fits - I have 2 acoustics, both look pretty much the same shape, but my hard case only fits one of them.

A soft case would be cheaper & easier to find one which fits as they're mostly a standard size, and unless you're doing a lot of travelling with it would probably provide all the protection you need.

Ritter make some excellent padded cases, I've used them a lot in the past and they've always protected my guitars nicely even when they're falling around the back of a badly packed van (usually the drummer's fault!)
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Thank you! I've never heard of Ritter before, they look nice though. I think I might check into those further...thanks again!