Hey guys

Been doing a little bit of research lately as to what amp i'm looking to get in the near future. I currently have a Peavey JSX and I like to think it's a pretty versatile amp. I do mainly play metal/hardcore but I hateeeeee when everyone's response to a 'what metal amp shall i get?' is 5150/6505. Personally, i don't even rate them that well.

But anyway, after a bit of research the ENGL invader looks to be one of the most versatile amps on the market. I do use UG for quite a bit of first hand information but unfortunately there isn't a review for the invader in the review section
I'd want the 100w version.

Any first hand experience of the amps reliability/sound/quality would be much appreciated! Also if anybody has any other amps they could suggest that'd be a good upgrade from the JSX, WITH, a versatile sound that'd be great
The invader is great. I use to use my h&k triamp and my vht pittbull classic in stereo, both pretty awesome amps. When I got my invader it replaced both of them. I have a few clips in my profile but it really is an amp that you have to play to understand how much you'll like it. The 100w version is supposedly better than the 150w version. As far as reliability goes, i've only had it since the beginning of April, but I havent had any problems yet. I have heard that if you use the onboard phantom power from the head for the footswitch that it sometimes doesnt last long and that you have to use a 9v supply, not a big problem, and not one that I've encountered yet. Soundwise I love it. I predominantly use the 3rd channel for rhythm and the 4th channel for lead stuff, but the 2nd channel can be a really nice rhythm channel too, it just depends on what kind of sound you're looking for. There are also switches for hi gain and a bright switch that each of the gain channels uses in a slightly different way. ENGL's stuff isn't the best in terms of build quality, though it still is nice enough that there aren't a ton of reliability issues. I had a fireball for a year before I got my invader and I never had any problems with that amp either and it was from 2001 I believe.

If you trust internet classifieds like sevenstring.org or other places you can get a decent deal on an invader. I got mine for $1800 which is pretty much the going rate. There were a whole bunch on ss not too long ago, and at $27-2800 or whatever they are new it's a good chunk cheaper. If you have $27-2800 to spend however there are a few other options you can look at. AcousticMirror here is also selling his VHT Pittbull Ultralead for a good price and he's a great guy to deal with.
I'll just say I really like the JSX!

the invader is great, but I'd say the Mesa Roadking, is on par with the ENGL. Thats the sort of price range your looking at too.
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