i have recieved a decent keyboard and i was wondering if someone could tell me where to start at learning how to play it. so far i have piano for dummies.

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Classical music all the way.

I second that. Pick up a couple introductory books and start learning some easy classical songs, classical will teach you everything you need to know.

Try to figure out some songs you know on guitar on the piano as well, it'll give you a good connection between the feel of a guitar and of a piano.
Just approach it the same way you did guitar. Learning to read music isn't crucial for piano playing. The main difference is just having split coordination ie your left and right hand not doing the same thing all the time.

So I would recommend

Learning all the Major and Minor Chord Shapes and Scales and practice them with a Metronome. Chromatic scales also

Improvise and write

Figure out a bass line for your left hand. Practice that and then work on getting your right hand to do a contrasting rhythmic pattern. Just to work on getting that separation in your head tight.

Learn songs have fun and take your time
As with all instruments, a teacher is preferred.

Check out the Suzuki method for piano. Its a solid system, a little slow (and works much better with a teacher), but extremely solid.