Hey, I wasn't sure where to post this but oh well.

I am going to do a Grade 3 Exam in November. I would like to hear someone's experience on any grade exam they done.

But the main problem me is that I am deaf, and I use cochlear implants to hear. Fortunately I can hear music and I just love it.

What I am worried about is, is the hearing exam bit, where you hear some notes and then some chords and then asked to play it back.

This will be extremely difficult, is it possible with lots of practice or does it come in time. If I fail this, It could knock me from a Distinction to a Pass.....
On the form you fill out to apply for the exam is there not a space to indicate any disability or special requirements you may have? Maybe they can feed the tracks into a headset or earpiece for you to help you out. Try contacting RockSchool or your testing center to find out?

Howeve if the problem is that your ear just is not trained in distinguishing certain notes/tonal qualities then you may need to just buckle down and do some ear training.
I recognize all modes the Major scale and some of the Harmonic minor scale, and I have only played for a year.
If the chords aren't randomly played without a specific key, they should be easy to recognize too. Now I am not in any grade or anything, since I mainly play guitar with buddies or myself, but listening alot to music and learning how to play it afterwards without tab turned out to be improving my playing and hearing alot too.
If I hear a song and this the chord progression sound cool, I try to imagine how it's played by hearing samiliar songs in my head, and guessing the intervals. And after a few months of doing this made the technique easier and easier to use.
But one thing I'm not tto familiar with, is key changing, but it not used too often, and if it used, it mainly in the last chorus of a song, to push it a little harder by using the same scale a tone higher.
uhh... I have no idea if this is even going to help you, but that's all I got... so... good luck!
PS. practice hearing what notes in scales (modes), and chords that make them sound different from another. you can practice this with a buddie who plays a random chord or scale and you having your eyes shut and tell which one it is.
Should be helping alot for you I think.
I gave my Grade 3 exams last year. Good luck.

I'm sorry but what I understand from your post is, that hearing the notes is not a problem but you getting them right is? If this the case then don't worry. this used to be one of my largest fears too. The examiner will play a track twice(?) for you and then you have to play the same thing back with a backing track. Between the listening and playing, you get a 30-60 second(?) window to figure the notes out. He doesn't expect you to get it on your first try after the track. I messed this up a bit last year, luckily the examiner was a nice guy and play it again.

Good Luck!