I have a Fender Jaguar guitar and today I was playing it in practice today and the pick up selector toggle switch cuts out the guitar when selected in the middle, however when selected to the right or left, it's fine. Do you think this is a wiring problem or something else? (I know it's hard to say without looking at the guitar but some advice would help me in the next stage of deciding what to do )
Thanks a lot.
The selector probably went bad. The same thing happened to my guitar. I had mine replaced and it has worked fine ever since.

Either that, or it could a problem with the wire like you said. Maybe it's a little loose. If that's the case, try to re-solder it back on.
take off the pickguard, and see if any wires need to be resoldered. if not, your swtich is probably broken, and needs to be replaced.
Ok thanks for the help. I mean I have barely any knowledge of wiring and soldering so I'll probably give it to my local guitar shop to have a look for me.
Dont do that. Look up your specific wiring diagram at seaymore duncans website and do it yourself. A soldering iron is like $5 and you may spend more time modding electronics in the future. Its a really simple fix, you just have to learn a wee bit.
Or go pay some kid 20$+ to do it. Your call