Two nights ago I put 11 gauge strings on my guitar, and I made a post here earlier describing the problem I had with my bridge being raised a good 5/16 of an inch. I was told to put an extra spring in my guitar, going from 3 springs to 4, however, this has not changed anything and the bridge is still raised a fair amount out of the body. I have heard that putting in too many springs in my guitar can cause alot of tension and end up warping the neck. Should I get another spring and increase the amount to 5, or should I do something else to lower the bridge? Also, how am I supposed to symmetrically put in 4 springs when there are 5 holes and 5 claws on the spring system. Do I just put 2 on each side and leave the middle hole/claw alone?
Unless you're going dick dale like string thinkness you're going to be fine.

excuse the shitty paint skills. Try to configure the springs like this for some extra spring tention. If that doesn't work try to tighten the screws that hold the claws thus increasing spring tention.
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If its a strat, you can just take off the back and tighten the plate that holds the screws. You could try loosening the nuts that hold the bridge in too I guess..?
It's not possible to hurt the neck by putting too many springs in the back, they will just pull the bridge down to the body.

2 on each side would be symmetrical, yes.

Right now you could try putting a fifth spring or tightening the claw screws.

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Tighten the screws from the body to the part holding the springs. Be careful though, do it very gradually and wait for it to adjust. 1/4 turns on the screws at first.