I traded my MXR Custom Badass Distortion (and $20) for one of these babies:

An Ibanez TS9DX! It's not in the best physical condition, but I think it's got a nice bit of character to it.

Review time! Keep in mind that I've only logged about half an hour of playing and tweaking with this, so it's not going to be completely in-depth.

That bottom left knob is the "mode" knob, and each of the four modes has a distinct flavor to it. The TS9 setting, well, it sounds like a TS9. Which is awesome. Adds a nice crunchy boost to my Valveking's tone and thickens up chords quite well. The + and Hot modes add a little more distortion (although not very much) and change the overall flavor of the gain. The Turbo mode turns your amp into a god damned beast. It adds a very high amount of volume and gain to your signal, and with the drive all the way up gives you a fairly heavy tone that is much dirtier than what a plain jane TS9 can do for an amp's clean channel. The Turbo and TS9 modes are my favorites for now, but I'm sure I'll grow to love the + and Hot modes as well (truth be told, I didn't spend as much time with them.)

Overall, I love this pedal so far and it's here to stay.