I have a 85 jcm800 that was very poorly modded with an effects loop. Some of you who frequent the amp gut shot thread have seen the mess. I had the best guy around quote me $280 to return circuit to stock, replace power tubes with jj E34Ls, replace one preamp tube, clean pots. Does this sound like a fair price. Secondly, he suggested thinking about new capacitors for an extra $100. Do you think I should replace them or hold out, they are not shot yet but possibly weren't at full potential. Thanks for the advice.
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Why not ask him to just fix the loop? It'd probably cost less than taking it out entirely.
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^ Removing a FX loop is not easy. You don't just pull it out. It is intricately wired into the overall circuit of the amp. $280/$40 = 7 hours roughly. Not sure if it takes that long. I bet Craig at CECAmps could help further. As far as the Cap job that sounds like a good deal - and probably worth the effort.

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I'm not a big pedal kinda guy, I usually just run an od, and this job is so bad it would have to be completely reworked. Also the gain structure has been modded and needs to be fixed, I want it back to original or as close as possible.
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fretz is absolutely right.
Thanks 311 this is more what I wanted to know. Price includes new matched and burned in tubes.
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fretz is absolutely right.
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It depends on what he's charging for the tube thing. You can change tubes yourself very easily. You don't need him to do that for you. If he doesn't do that, that should save a significant amount of money.

Also, the caps aren't a bad idea, probably, as long as he's putting quality caps in.
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$280 for repair, with tubes included is a damn good price.
Shit, I charge $50 just to replace tubes (that includes biasing if needed).
And removing and FX loop is far more than just yanking out some stuff.
25+ year old caps? I would consider replacing.
wheres the gutshot pic

is this it?

it looks like its already gotten worked over.

those lcr's shouldn't need replacing.

i'm not gonna lie. that thing's a mess.

it would take a tech a few hours just to figure out what was going on.
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His price isn't bad at all. The filter caps would be optional at this point but in another 5-10 years it will be necessary. Might as well replace them now if you have the extra $100. If your amp is the one Min posted, it's definitely not the worst I've seen but will take a couple hours to remove the FX loop and then take the signal path back to the stock configuration. I'd also have him rework the heater wiring. That's atrocious.
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That amp needs some help. The price seems very reasonable considering the amount of work to be done. The caps are probably a good idea as long as the amp is getting a major overhaul. You want this to be the last servicing it needs for a good long while. Like other people mentioned, get the board cleaned up and the heater wiring redone. It looks like the amp has seen better days but everything appears reversible, it should be very nice when it's finished.
Thanks for all the help. Yes he is basically doing a complete overhaul for me. I think I'm going to do the caps while its there because it will cost me more later if I go back and replace it. Btw the tech is Dale Laslie, he builds MegaTone amps, and specializes in old pa conversions, and harp amps. That is the amp in the pic.
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his stuff looks pretty good. that price isn't bad at all for all the work he'll do since he'll have to rebuild a couple of things.
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