hi folks. friend of mine handed me a fender strat since he knows i'm getting into the guitar but it seems to be in disrepair. it is my first electric.

most noticeable of its problems is a very rusted bridge. i'm a complete newcomer to guitar and my primary instrument is acoustic so pardon the ignorance but can i use something like CLR to clean the bridge once I detach it from the guitar body?

there is also topical rust on most of the screws on the guitar body (and back). OK to use CLR on those to clean also? i have no knowledge of what (if any) chemical products exist for guitar cleansing and i have a sh*tload of CLR so if I can use that and save money, cool

advice appreciated as always,

It should be okay. Also try some steel wool and some rubbing alcohol to take care of surface rust. The good thing about electrics, especially Fenders, is that you can replace almost everything on them for no that much money.
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does the guitar work?

does it play buzz free?

i'm asking because if you are not familiar with how
electric guitars are set up, you might not want to start
taking it apart, to fix a cosmetic issue.

if you use steel wool, then know that the tiny bits of metal will be attracted to the
magnets in the pickups.

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Have any pics? Might be a little bit easier to help you out on what to use.
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can't find my digital camera awacs..

guitar works fine jj, no buzz at all... thank you for the steel wool advice.