I've put a lot of thought into it, and I've decided that I can't do everything I personally want to do with one amp. I've decided one of the two amps I've decided I need to have must be a a good clean amp for nice platform for a pedalboard. I've also decided that it should be the first amp I buy. I'd like it to be fairly cheap and portable without being a piece of junk. It should have smooth yet sparkly cleans that can get reasonably loud for practice or rehearsal, although it will be miked for stage use. I would definitely like it to be tube, as cranking a solid state with OD pedals into it is never pleasant to my ears. So the essentials...

doesn't matter if it's new or used
price range goes from $400-$600 (absolute lowest to absolute highest I wish to spend)
smooth and sparkly clean tones that takes pedals
loud enough for a rehearsal at least without breaking up
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