Just wrote this in the past hour, bit of a despondent feeling to it, at least that was my mood. I dunno if Im a fan of it yet, but I thought I'd post it to see what you guys thought before I decide on my opinion:

I think I’m in the wrong state
You’re so close but too far for comfort
I kill time, crime shortens the wait
But I lost all the words I had to say
I think they took the wrong highway
Just like that they went away

I cursed it and I moved on
I turned right and it felt wrong
I wanted you and I still do

And I’m on some strange interstate
Its a road paved with my dreams
So all the gravels needs to know your fate
I wish every skipped stone led to you
But every time it sunk hurt more than you knew
With no hope there’s nothing left to do

I woke up and I felt down
I drove away and I came back
I wanted you and I still do

We must be in the wrong place
It feels like I care for no reason at all
Or maybe I’m here for no reason at all
But youre over there away from me
Of course the grey roads made me needy
But without it I’ve no place to be