Poll: Who sang and who made noise?
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niejel = The Ministry of Lost Souls - Dream Theater
1 4%
727Helena = Hold On - Go Radio
11 41%
Mother_Flame = One - U2
15 56%
Voters: 27.
Congratulations Mother_Flame.

niejel = The Ministry of Lost Souls - Dream Theater
727Helena = Hold On - Go Radio
Mother_Flame = One - U2

But honestly, scan all the entries if you are to vote. Cheers.
Good thing I dropped out, I would have lost to Mother_Flame again while getting my rendition laughed at, and a pity vote to boot.
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Ahaha, nah man. Camera Tricks all the way.
thank you! That was my first full run-through of the song; it's awesome to know I don't completely suck with no practise XD

We need more voters, though
and monsieur niejel needs more votes D:
Now I'm
they were all very good.

niejel had some very nice layering and a very sincere performance.
Helena had a sort of innocence and vulnerability in her voice that was very heartwarming.
Mother Flame had a great voice for that song.
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nah it's okay. people will vote if them if they truly deserve it. I am just your humble host who'd like to participate in every tier so that more entries will be encouraged.
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Nice work guys. I wish there were more entries too.

Helena you did a great job! It's not fair though, you're too cute to upload a vid of yourself playing it haha.

You're gonna get laid

Mother_Flame, you were incredible. My jaw literally dropped when you started.

Helena, you were fantastic as always. I love your voice.

Njejejejejel, that was a ****ing hard song, and you pulled it off!

Well done to all 3 of you, and if I would literally give up guitar to be able to sing like any one of you
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the poll is only until the 20th. the votes would not count anymore after that since I already submitted the winners to blue_strat. so mother_flame, you're on UG Amplified again.
niejel obviously voted for him or her self