ok a buddy of mine got this amp head for free. well it has a A and B switch type thing. he said its vintage. well the A channel works flawless but when i switch over to B it sounds very muddy and crappy. tried with a schecter omen 6 and a les paul supreme

i can't figure out what would be wrong. any suggestions? thanks
Those amps are the ones Santana used before he came to his senses, discovered Mesa and finally started getting good tone. Horrible amp, just horrible. Channel B is muddy and crappy. That's just the way they are, it's a swarm of bees stuck in a mud puddle. Channel A is a sterile, lifeless pos too, not as bad as channel b but crap nonetheless. I wouldn't use one if you gave it to me for free.
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ah ok so its naturally bad. what he told me is its a guitar amp. i don't know anything about it. never really heard the brand name before. i will just tell him that the amp has no hope lol

thanks for the advice. i have no plans of using this amp head. either does he.