So, I have a little dilemma. On my one guitar, which is a Jackson King V, I have .11s. I was downtuning to C Standard, foolishly, and the c string broke. So, I'm going to replace all of them (may as well). Usually this one is in Standard or D. My other guitar is a PRS SE Custom 24, which I have .12s on, and it's set in Dropped B. I was thinking of putting lighter gauge strings on it.

I play a lot of different metal, which is why I have thicker strings, but I also play a lot of rock, blues, and progressive. So my question is...

Which would sound better for each style, in people's opinions? The PRS for rock, 'light' metal, progressive, blues-y, Standard music? And the Jackson for downtuned metal? Thanks.
Jackson for metal, the PRS for everything else.
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