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Follow up on the Larry Davies lead?
14 67%
Look into Madame Laurel's?
7 33%
Voters: 21.
Detective Hugh Gee paced contemplating his next move. He stopped, turned on his heel and strolled down the alleyway focused on an idea. It was mere seconds before he found something of absolute insignificance on the floor, or was it? It was a small white card that appeared to have been crumpled and left behind. Hugh unfolded the card. Madame Laurel's, he though to himself. A brothel? There was no telling how long it had been in the alleyway or even if it was relevant to the case. Hugh added the card to his evidence list.

Your move:

The Rules:

The Pit shall play the role of Detective Hugh Gee and it is your job to get to the bottom of this case and bring justice to Dave's killer. There will be a list of evidence that you can refer to throughout the case as well as a list of any persons of interest (P.O.I). Each day you get to vote on one action to partake in to further The Pit's progress in finding the Killer. There will be no mate option at first.

The Evidence:

Victim: Killed via blunt force trauma to the right temple, estimated time of death is 3 AM
Phone: Victim's phone, the last call made was to Larry Davies at 1AM.
Alleyway: The alley appeared in disarray as if there had been a struggle.
Business Card: Reads 'Madame Laurel's'. A brothel possibly, no way of telling if it's connected to the case.
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so it wasn't Prof Plum in the Library with the fog machine? no fssshhhh?
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Quote by theogonia777
so it wasn't Prof Plum in the Library with the fog machine? no fssshhhh?

Not quite.
meh, the larry davies lead seems more tempting now. the card looks completely unrelated if you ask me, i find those all the time.
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You should write a place in the story for the fog machine.
Hull City A.F.C

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Call Larry Davies & set up a chance to talk to him, then check at the brothel to see if anyone saw him there last night while waiting to talk to Larry.
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Not quite.

then in that case i say go look into Madame Laurel's
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
Larry lead.
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Now we call Larry? **** that..I'm voting the other option..
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Larry Davies first, we know he's connected to the victim in some way due to the call.
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Now we should find out who the fuck Larry is.
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