I'll make this short and sweet. I have the opportunity to get either a Marshall 1960a cab or a Mesa Rectifier cab. Which one should I pick? The Marshall would be $350 and the Mesa would be $400. Both are in good condition. I'm using a Marshall DSL 50 head and a MIM telecaster. I play pop punk mostly, so I'm looking for that huge sound. But I'm also looking for a versatile cab. The last thing I'm looking for is something that will last me a long time. Something that I won't need to "upgrade" or "trade up." Can you guys help me out?
Oh, the Mesa for sure.

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Oh, the Mesa for sure.

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The mesa is a much better cabinet, has a bigger sound to it. I have one and love it. I have a 1960a cab from the mid 90's and dont like it so much
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