I've been playing guitar for a while now and I'd like to start playing slide. My question is, will I need to raise the action on my guitar (acoustic) in order to be able to use the slide? Will it be fine if I just leave it the way it is? Also, what type of slide should I use to get started on? What tuning would you guys recommend for me (I want to play blues)?

You probably won't need to raise the action (unless it's ridiculously low). You can always just try it out to make sure. For a slide I prefer glass, but I mostly do slide work on electric. On an acoustic you'll probably want something more dense like porcelain.
If it's creative, true to your musical goal, and it sounds good, put it in the song.

1. Guitar, delay, verb, amp, and creativity.
2. Well-tuned acoustic piano and creativity.
3. A bottle of water.
I prefer it a little low on acoustics, and a bit higher on electric (a tele or a nice gibson is best for an awesome slide tone, imo). I use a glass slide almost exclusvely , but I have a metal slide too and its pretty nice. I suck at slide, although I really enjoy it, so you should maybe take my advice with a grain of salt. Good luck man, hope you get as good as Duane : )
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Most dedicated slide guitar players recommend a fairly high action, just to avoid whacking the frets all the time with your slide. Also, medium-gauge strings.
However, the thing still needs to be playable, as many arrangements include fretted notes and chords.
I built my own "dobro" guitar from a cheap steel string by adding a resonator, and my initial setup was too high; almost impossible to fret notes with the fingers.
I recently re-adjusted the whole thing and now it's playable (with a little effort) with the fingers and still pretty slick with the slide.

I've started working from Bob Brozman's DVD set, and he said he liked slides made from the old-standard Mateus wine bottles. (these tapes are a little old...)
I tried everywhere locally, but no one carried the stuff! I finally got a local wine merchant to order me a couple of bottles, so I now have a "genuine" Brozman-approved slide.
However, just dump the wine... It's awful.