I'm considering upgrading my Ibanez with pickups that sound and look better, preferably a matching zebra set to go with the body/neck binding and gold hardware.
I first thought about a Seymour Duncan JB and 59/Jazz, but due to finances, I'm reconsidering.
Would the GFS Crunchy Pat zebra set be comparable, or should I just try to shell out the extra money and get the Duncans?
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GFS pickups are pretty good for what they cost.

I think that the closest thing to a JB/59 set would be a Crunchy Pat/Vintage 59.
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Gfs all the way. Look around their website, they have so many options plus if you need help deciding you can email them, tell em what you're lookin for and they'll make some recommendations for you.
I'd always recommend shelling out the extra cash for what you really want. The GFS stuff is really good, especially considering what you pay for it. But, how bad do you want the other stuff? It could always linger in the back of your mind "man, if I would have just saved a bit more than my tone would be so much better". Whether the tone is better or exactly the same, who knows, but its something to think about that may bother you in the future.
I've always found that with pickups, you get what you pay for. GFS are good but quality stuff like Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio are better while boutique stuff like Bareknuckle is miles better again.
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Alright, just wanted some input before buying.
I'm thinking I'll go with the Crunchy pat zebra set, along with a fender style 5 way switch and two 1 meg pots.
I should get more out of the pickups with the 1 megs anyway.
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GFS makes a good pickup, but Duncans will be a little better. It might not be leaps and bounds ahead of the GFS though. My rule is generally, if it's a cheap guitar, I get a cheap upgrade.
Well, it's not necessarily a cheap guitar, it's just older and not recognized, it's made in Korea with a trem made in Japan.
But as far as the upgrades go, I think GFS would be okay, I've read nothing but good reviews of their products, so it wouldn't hurt.
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