I just wrote this in like, literally, 10 minutes, so... forgive me.

Life was easier in first grade
Learning to rhyme at my little brown desk
It was a great trade.
We were praised for rhyming “bat” with “cat”, or
“I’m doing my math while I take a bath.”
We even got a gold star for saying,
“Jimmy Dean broke his bean while chasing a dream across a stream after he kissed a beauty queen.”
Now life in high school is… contrived.
We can’t rhyme a dime with a lime,
We’re supposedly “above” that kind of rhyme.
And what about made-up words? They worked for Dr. Seuss and he did pretty well,
As far as I can tell.
So what if I want to match orange with florange?
Will I still get an A?
Or how about silver with sliver, they’re kind of the same.
Since when do we have to be so advanced!
You know, sometimes I just want to take a friggin’ nap
And quit with all this nonsense.
Quit with this poem, too.
It has gone on too long.
And it’s not even a song, so y’all will think I’m wrong.
Just don’t rape me with insults when you read it,
I just don’t think I can take the pressure.
it's rhyme time so let me shine
the sun glows off every line I tie
to the next the best
is yet to hit you in the mind like a landmine
jackhammer you stammer as I cram these damn
lyrical plans down your memory
Your imagination hemorrhages
The last vestige of your hope to be the best is shattered.
I am not going to break it down line for line. If you want to revise and resubmit then I will. That being said, I like it.

The thing is, it’s the truth. There is a tremendous amount of effort by the supposed educational system to stifle creativity, promote conformity, and to indoctrinate with information that is neither true nor factual but rather designed to make you “feel” a certain way about your role in relation to your government or the supposed “Global Community.” There are no statues in honor of a community. There are thousands honoring the individual. Resist!!!

It’s nice to see you pointing out the B.S. There is hope still.