I dont know many places to find one so i came here today.im not looking to make a band or anything, just someone who will be willing to sing a very short part for a sing (link below) Basically all i need is someone ( a girl, because the notes are to high for most boys, and any lower notes might cause phase cancelation and i dont like how polarity inversion will affect the song) to sing the lead part from the "Rain" song on my profile. Im great with editing vocals, fine tuning (not autotuning, so youll have to sing atleast 50 cents close to the tone) and harmonizing. The song is almost already done, with just the ending and minor sections of the song to go. If your interested please just send me a pm or email me at :


To hear the song as it is right now (like i said, ALMOST done) visit the link below. I plan on putting the song on various music sites for a few months to see if anyone will buy it, so there may be potential profits (small, if any)


As for my preferences on a singing style, i prefer singers who sing accurately, who's recordings have very little (if any) background noise(background noise affects the quallity of editing i can manage), and who put emotion in the way they sing.

After messaging me i will send you a track consisting of a synth which contains the notes i require you to sing. (it will just be the lead part of the song isolated) and also the lyrics which i would like you to sing.
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