what are some ways to improve my slide playing and when i mean slide i mean whit the metal or glass thingy what songs can i learn or do some exercises and i know freebird so dont bother
Try listening to more slide players ( good ones), like Duane Allman for example, try and emulate them you will find that you progress more.
Second afatguitarist's recommendation, and add Warren Haynes to the list (yes, I am aware that he was also a member of The Allman Brothers). If you want something easy, I recommend Muse's Invincible and Prize Fighter Inferno's Wayne Andrews, The Old Bee Keeper.
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Its the Lydian mode; formed in Eastern Arabia when the Persians invaded England.

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try the sexolydian scale.
A cool slide solo is the outro solo to High Hopes by Comfortably Numb
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some other good sliders are sonny landreth, derek trucks, doyle bramhall II, eric clapton, joe bonamassa, jeff beck. just go on youtube, look them up, and while you are at it search for slide lessons.

other than that, just play more slide. i actually suggest learning it in standard tuning. that way, all the notes are in the same spot and you dont have to change anything. you'd be surprized how many times ive been in a jam and just thought "slide would be cool here" and not having to tune up is a big bonus in that situation.
There's a lot of instructional material available. I've recently been working with Bob Brozman's slide guitar DVDs. Brozman is a master of many styles; this one is dedicated to Delta blues.
Another good teacher with DVDs available is Roy Rogers.
Brozman's site:
has a number of "tips" for slide students, including setting up a sound system.

Although you can certainly play lead lines with the slide in standard tuning, most all blues accompaniment is done in open tunings. "G" is likely the most popular.
That's because you can get solid chords anywhere on the neck.
Learn to mute, all the best slide players use their free fingers to mute the strings behind the slide in order to keep things sounding clean.
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You want something even easier(and fun) to play then try(gonna get flamed for this) The White Stripes they have some slide stuff, can't remember any off the top of my head butit's obvious when it is used.