I have a bunch of tracks recorded from an acoustic guitar running through a pickup because at the time, there were no mics to record the acoustic properly. I'm trying to mix these to the best they can be though, despite what's given. I've been at it awhile now, and I just can't seem to get a bunch of the "electro-acoustic" feel out of it. Any tips on getting it to sound more like a mic'd acoustic? If you know any VST's or impulses that could help, I'd appreciate it very much.
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I don't really think there's anyway you'll be able to get the so called "electro-acoustic" feel out of it without re-recording the tracks by micing the guitar. While some things can be fixed in the mix, most should be great from the source.
I suppose you could work out the resonances of the guitar, and exaggerate them with EQ, and then LPF the high-end to reduce the biting string sounds you'll get more of with a pickup on the guitar.

But as the guy above said, getting it right at the source is the best thing so if it already sounds unusable, you're unlikely to do much better than polishing a turd.
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