what is he doing his solo album is crap his song with Phineas and Ferb is crap
the singer he choose for his tour sounds like crap does any one agree with me
and im the biggest slash fan but what the F*** is he doing?
You're obviously not the biggest slash fan. Now, he does more than he used to because he's a much more well rounded musician.....unlike you, obviously. His playing today seems more thought out, very technical, yet also very raw at the same time. I believe he plays "My Michelle" (for example) better than he did in '88
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He is progressing his career and growing as a musician.

Sorry his solo album wasn't to your taste, and that you don't like HIS choice of vocalist for HIS tour but the dude's grown older and I guess he's just seeing what else is out there for him to do.

Some may say he's sold out but that's the worn out response to anybody who's ever met success. There aren't too many people who can say they've had the success he's had, let alone played in as many stellar bands. Gnr, Snakepit, VR?

Come on, give the dude a break. He is and will always be a legend.

Pointless thread.
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Myles Kennedy is one of the most talented singers in rock right now. ever listen to alter bridge? christ, that dude hits notes I didnt even think were possible. And I agree with the two people above ( i wrote that before the actual 2 people above me commented, so i meant the two above them) he's progressing in his career. He would go insane if he just played the same old guns tunes, and used the same old licks for the rest of his life. Hell, even I get sick of hearing sweet child of mine played every time i walk into guitar center. Hes just expanding his horizons as a musician.
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pointless comment

Yes, it was pointless - although that's because it was an accidental comment! I was meant to click on the 'Go Advanced' button, but did the mouse equivalent of a typo & hit the 'Post Quick Reply' button instead....

I was intending to say something about it being a pointless thread because there are always lots of artists you don't like, so why would you start up a thread like this?

I like Slash, one of my all time favourite guitarists & think he is evolving his music well, doing a great job of staying relevant within the industry & not just relying on Sweet Child Of Mine to keep him famous.

I could start a thread similar to this about someone like Metallica - I thought their early work was quite good, peaking with the Black Album, but since then I have a similar opinion to mockingbirdnj's thoughts about Slash. I could, but what would be the point?

The question isn't what the **** is Slash doing, it's why the **** would someone who just doesn't like his latest work care? If you don't like it, don't buy it.
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pointless comment

Same applies to you,

OP: I don't care about him.
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You dare insult Myles Kennedy? I shall slap you with my **** good sir. But in all seriousness his solo stuff is pretty bad. I don't really care though because it's slash and have never given a shit about GNR except november rain and i guess the SCOM solo. Over rated mediocre guitar player imo. Musicians get bored of what they are doing sometimes (i know i do), everyone's musical tastes change. Very few great musicians make the same music consistently through their career. Except Lemmy, i kinda see him as some monkey god that instead being obsessed with bananas he obsesses over rock, hookers, booze and crack.

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I don't even like Guns that much (Yeah I know...) and I still think the guy is a legend! He's successful isn't he? He isn't a 20 year old guy anymore you know...people are pissed at every band that makes an album a bit different, a bit maturer and with this rant you fit into that group of people but all I can say is...close this thread.
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i agree with you....phineas and ferb is shit and he shouldn't be in a cartoon series....

but now he is working on a second solo album with the great singer myles kennedy so we'll wait for it
I take it that you didn't like his new solo album very much. I listened to it and I didn't like some of it, but the songs with Iggy Pop, Ozzy, and with Lemmy were pretty good.

I think that Slash is trying to explore as many musical directions as possible. That's why he got so many different vocalists to participate during the production.

Quote by SGmaniac1021
His playing today seems more thought out, very technical, yet also very raw at the same time.

I agree. While the Gunners days were awesome, some of his new stuff is great, and I personally love the direction he's going in. He still sounds like Slash, which I think is a key indicator of any good museum (really distinctive sound). The way he writes his riffs and slides them in with the beat is phenomenal.
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I like slash, but he is WAY over-rated as a guitar god.
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