I saw the video and the first thing that i noticed during your lead playing was the abuse of the pentatonic scale shapes.Although,EVERY guitarist i have seen/known who is starting out goes through that phase and so have i.And i'll be honest,i'm still trying to get out of the 'boxed'shapes and have done some work to do that.
It took time but its well worth it.I understand that you feel you have'plateau'd'in your playing but if you have that mindset,you will not go further than where you are.Your call.

I cannot stress on this enough.Visualisation is a very effective practice.It means visualising yourself playing a song that you want to play but cannot at the moment because of its technicality or whichever reason.(Do not take huge leaps,take a song that you think is within your reach and visualise yourself playing it perfectly).Thats the first step.Keep doing that and you will see an improvement.

Ofcourse,listen to more music.Take the time to browse other artists that you have heard of but never gotten into.Maybe jazz,west coast blues/jazz blues.Whatever you find good!
Learn licks and start incorporating them into your playing.Soon you will find that you have more 'room'for your solos.

At the moment,i think this is the best advice i could give you.(-:
I hope you appreciate it and best of luck with your musical endeavours.

Happy Practicing!

P.S-About the Metronome-Marry it.
your playing sounds a bit robotic at times and some of your licks and phrases dont really fit into each other that well

also work on your timing

thats something you could work on
mostly your flow
hope that made any sense

keep at it though your doing great
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tone wise, you could benefit from using a overdrive instead of a distortion

try playing with some modal scales, that always gets me out of a rut..

I really liked most of the stuff after 2:00, try to get more tempo changes though..
Opus Pocus =]

I think that box shaped parterns should be embraced, not something to get out of your system

sticking to just a one is another story...
Opus Pocus =]
Not sure if it is because of where the video starts but if that was the beginning of the jam you instantly jumped right into trying to wail instead of building the jam musically and taking it somewhere.

Also, you seem to use a few shapes repetitively, mostly pentatonic stuff which is going to happen in improv but you could do it less.

Finally, there were parts where it more or less sounded like you were playing from your head and just running off notes in scales rather then feeling the music. Get in the groove and play to accompany the song.

Hope this helps man
I think it would be better if you posted a video where we could really see what you're doing rather than a poorly lit, dodgily shot video of you playing Ozzy in some bar somewhere.

That being said, your picking is flat out bad; all the motion is coming from your elbow which is wrong, you should be picking from the wrist and using the elbow to make sure that your hand is always at a good angle to the strings. Can't see your fretting hand at all.

Also worth noting that the arpeggios in the second solo are a mixture of picking and legato, there's no tapping in there.

Finally: Supersac is right, your playing seems really robotic until you get to the part where you actually play the written solo. You're very much playing dead on every beat which is generally not so good when you're improvising.
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