Hey all, I'm working on my headbanging techniques. So far I have the following (please add a comment with other techniques since I couldn't find this info elsewhere!)

Simple nod: As performed by Mustaine in the That One Night in Buenos Aires while playing the intro riff for Blackmail the Universe.
My neck's gonna break: Again, Mustaine playing the spider-chords part in Wake up Dead in the Blood in the Water live from San Diego DVD.
Just say no!: Robert Trujillo's side to side headbang while getting the shoulders involved
Chris Broderick's upward hair whip: as seen on the intro of Symphony of Destruction in The Big 4 live from Bulgaria, Sofia DVD
Windmill: we all know this one
Bald-blitzkrieg: Whatever it is that Kerry King does with his head while playing.
Just say yes!: Angus Young's brilliant "I look like I'm a drunk that can't stop nodding" style.

I know that they're more out there. What headbanging style do you do?
Not entirely sure how Trujillo does it, but it's that sorta thing I do..
Generally depends on the style of music. Often use small headbangs in a nodding fashion to count the time so it doesn't detract too much attention from intricate riffing. Small, medium, small, medium, unless it gets to a sludgey/moshy point where the head drops and Mustaine-bangs.

Also, when my hair was longer (and when it gets back there), the upward Broderick move as mentioned above is probably the most brilliant I've ever seen.
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My band did the whole syncro hardcore headbang thing, for the most part I refused to join in
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You seriously put this much thought into the "different types" of headbanging?

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My band does the Hair Metal Synchronized bang on our accented notes. Check out a live version of Still of the Night, covered by Steel panther
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be a man and immortal-style, super-fast windmill headbang + simultaneously make your most metal face possible. Go to exactly 4:25 in the following link for back to back examples. now practice!

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